Launching New Podcasts, Twitch Streams, And A New Open Source Software Project.

Launching New Podcasts, Twitch Streams, And A New Open Source Software Project.

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Launching new podcasts, Twitch streams, and a new open source software project.

LaSalle Software News Podcasts

Really thrilled to be doing these podcasts again.

Will be publishing the first and fifteenth of the month, the inaugural episode launches on September 15th.

Each episode will be 5 to 10 minutes.

In the meantime, you can peruse the 23 original epsiodes spanning 2015 to 2018 here.

The Bob Bloom Show Podcast

The conventional wisdom is not to name a podcast after oneself, because it does not convey anything about what the podcast is about. So naturally, as is my wont, I will ignore this counsel.

The main reason is: I had a podcast of this name, and I want to re-start it. I produced 57 podcast episodes spanning 2010 to 2016. In retrospect, it chronicles my Joomla era, and introduces my transition into web application development with the Laravel Framework. These episodes are here.

The key difference this time around is I am doing software development commentary only. Published every other Friday (but probably weekly in the near future). Running 10 to 20 minutes. First episode on September 25th. 

The Bob Bloom Interviews

This is my long-form interview podcast. I want to separate my commentary podcast from my interview podcasts. 

Interviews are an effort to arrange and execute. I want to add interview management features to my podcast platform first to lighten my load. Right now, my priority is launching my other two podcasts, and adding production features to my podcast platform. 

Thinking of a monthly podcast, running thirty to forty minutes.

Twitch Live Streaming

Thinking that Twitch was for gamers, I completely ignored Twitch. Maybe that was true, but not any more. 

It is still the road less traveled for PHP developers, but there is quite the potential to build a little community of devs. Sure, there are online avenues to meet fellow devs, but there's something about them that I am finding frustrating. 

It would be nice to build a little circle of PHP and Laravel devs who get together informally online. Very casual. Streaming on Twitch, using the Discord integration, looks like a very germaine way to do this. I think a key aspect to making this work is to be consistent about doing my streams. 

It's not just the streaming, but the interaction. And it's not just the interaction, but the different ways to interact during the stream. Using Discord, I can talk to fellow devs during the stream. OBS Studio opens up possibilities, such as inviting other people to be in the stream video -- lots to learn! Well, the only way to learn it is to stumble and bumble, so strap in.

Streaming as a way to involve the community in my open source software projects is intriguing.

I'm going to stream on Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:00am to 10:30am-ish ET. Wouldn't be surprised if that time changed at some point. I'm sure my streaming learning curve will be all-to-obvious, but the only way to unlock the potential is to dive in.

The focus of my streams will be an exercise. Such as Bref & AWS, fixing something in my OSS. There won't be any shortage of exercises. 


Twitch and Discord are like peanut butter and chocolate. Maybe even better, because now Discord integrates with Twitch. Really looking forward to talking to fellow devs during my stream via Discord. The only fly in the ointment is that I've not used Discord. 

Oh, my streaming: it's about the journey, not the destination!


Having done some screencasts, and very bad screencasts at that, I like the format of being able to go over some code or feature in real time whilst providing commentary. Thinking of my new custom authentication guard while typing this. 

If something significant happens during my Twitch streams, I want to post that clip on YouTube. 

As far as doing videos, well not this month. More DaVinci Resolve is in my future!

New Open Source Software Project

Been chewing this one over for a couple of weeks, and, yes, I want to pursue this. It's all about scratching an itch. It's been a long search, and no, I am not happy at all, with the administration database-y stuff. I am using Nova right now, and want to move to something else. That something else, I think, needs to be built. 

I'll have more on this project later. Suffice to say I am doing this project.