Join Our Groups' Discord Servers. Engage!

Join Our Groups' Discord Servers. Engage!

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Hello Fellow Toronto Area Meetup Members!

The reason for the meet-up groups' Discord Servers is to be able to talk to you.

There is not going to be in-person meet-ups any time soon. 

The format of the online meet-ups is unsatisfactory.

So, what to do? 

First, join the GTA PHP Discord Server, and the Laravel Toronto and York Region PHP Servers if you are in those groups. 

Then, chime in with your opinions. 

For Laravel Toronto, we need our separate chats in that Discord Server.

Let me know if there is an issue with a Discord Server. I am new at it, so it would not surprise me.

I need to manually assign you the permission for our meet-up group channels. I will double check that you are in the group, and then assign you the permission. If your Discord and users are not the same, please email me or go to my contact page to let me know what your users are, so I can match them up. 

Join our Discord Servers.