Meet-up Group Updates

Meet-up Group Updates

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This is post is for the 2,000+ members of the:
* Greater Toronto Area PHP meet-up group (group on
* York Region PHP meet-up group (group on
* Laravel Toronto (group on

My name is Bob Bloom. I am the organizer the PHP groups, and co-organizer of Laravel Toronto,

It's been a while since we had a meet-up. The last one was last October's Q&A with Sara Golemon.

The most significant thing that has happened since then is Vic Metcalfe stepping down from organizing the GTA-PHP group 😭.

Vic's increasing pressures on his time at work, and not working with PHP day-to-day, has caused him to ask me to "take the reins".

Vic has been at it with GTA-PHP for 15-ish years. He also co-organized the True North PHP Conferences. He is an outstanding meet-up organizer. It's a bonus that, like me, he lives in York Region, and has quietly been a monster help with the York Region PHP group. There's been no drama, no conflicts.

I am the sole organizer for all three groups. For GTA-PHP, I am the only organizer. For the other two groups, the co-organizers are not active right now, but will be later. Life happens. Again, there is no drama, no conflicts.

I sure could use a hand organizing the meet-ups.

I am thinking of one combined virtual meet-up for all three meet-up groups either monthly or once every two months. Would you consider helping?

I am not averse to separate Laravel Toronto virtual meet-ups. Would you, my fellow Artisan, consider helping with this?

I am keen to start a Discord server for the meet-up groups. What do you think about this?

Do you know that starting a meetup group on is not free? The "organizer" subscription plan allows three groups @ $24USD/month.

The fabulous crew at SoapBox supports the subscription for Laravel Toronto. My own subscription supports the GTA and YR PHP groups, now that Vic has stepped down as the GTA's "prime organizer". 

Would a "Baker's Dozen" from the GTA and YR PHP groups sponsor of my subscription via my GitHub Sponsor $2 tier?

I am looking forward to planning the next virtual meet-up with you!

Email me at bob dot bloom at lasallesoftware dot ca. Or, click the "Contact Bob" link above.

Update: A Trio Of Meet-up Heros!

March 09, 2021
Answering the call, out of over 2,000 meet-up group members, were three meet-up heros! 

Two are now helping me with the virtual meet-ups, and one is my inaugural GitHub Sponsor sponsor!

We are working on a meet-up in early April. 

Update: I am now Laravel Toronto's Lead Organizer

May 21, 2021
Quick update (May 21, 2021): I just received a request today to be the Lead Organizer of Laravel Toronto.