October 2022 Update

October 2022 Update

by Bob Bloom

category: "meet-ups"

Hello Fellow Toronto area PHP-ers,

A quick update about our groups.

Mail Coach Online is now in beta. This is the email list service I've been waiting on. Made by Spatie, who are big in the Laravel universe. I just registered and it looks like this is going to be a good fit. It's $10usd per month, but variable priced after 2,000 emails are sent, at $0.002usd per email. We have about 100 members, aggregate, right now. Before I purged the lists, we had about 2,400 members on meetup.com. So I think we're good for now. Mail Coach needs SES or other service to send/receive emails, so there may be a cost to that.

I've been seriously considering building my own solution, in conjunction with building email features for my custom podcasting platform. Even though I know this is probably a Very Bad Thing. Five minutes traversing the MC dashboard put that notion to rest. 

I am thrilled to announce a new corporate host for Laravel Toronto: Maple Online Health. A special Thank You to David Chang, whose tireless efforts made this possible. A Thank You to the "Maple" Team for hosting our group.

I think that we need to scale down our "Big Meet-up" on November 05, 2022. Let me know your thoughts at GitHub Discussions.

GitHub Pages looks like an excellent fit for group websites. Although the Jekyll static site generator is very established and integrated with GH Pages, I am considering Hugo instead. What do you think?

I created two meet-ups at Laravel Toronto @ meetup.com, and seven meet-ups at GTA-PHP @ meetup.com

That is it for now ☺
-Bob Bloom