Good Developer Experiences With Ben Ramsey, Part 1 Of 2

Ben Ramsey is joining us to talk to us about the box of tools he uses on a daily basis.

Congratulations, and a big THANK YOU, to Ben for being a PHP 8.1 Release Manager. The PHP Internals podcast just published a podcast talking to the team at Did you know that this is a 3 year commitment? I did not!

Ben will talk about:
* some familiar tools, such as PHPUnit and PHP_CodeSniffer;
* new tools like PHPStan and Psalm;
* how to configure these tools for better workflows through Composer scripts and plugins;
* best practices;
* how to standardize workflow with CaptainHook and GitHub Actions.

Ben Ramsey is a coder, writer, and speaker. Recently selected as a release manager for PHP 8.1, he is an avid proponent of open source software and maintains several popular open source packages, including ramsey/uuid and league/oauth2-client. In his free time, Ben enjoys beer, bourbon, board games, and TTRPGs. He co-organizes the PHP user group in Nashville, where he lives with his wife, son, and two dogs. Ben will blog again one day soon at and is @ramsey on Twitter.

Ben came up here in 2015 and 2016 (can it be half a decade ago?) to speak at the True North Conference.

Greater Toronto Area PHP, York Region PHP, and Laravel Toronto meet-up groups jointly hosted this presentation on June 10, 2021.

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