Washing The Meet-up Group Membership Lists

Washing The Meet-up Group Membership Lists

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Hello members of GTA PHP User Group, York Region PHP, and Laravel Toronto.

This is Bob Bloom, lead organizer for all three groups.

I am "washing" the membership list on meetup.com for all three groups by deleting inactive members.

Our groups have been around for a while, with a lot of developers joining our groups over the years.

Laravel Toronto:
* 508 members
* 25 lifetime meet-ups
* first meet-up on Dec 04, 2013

York Region PHP:
* 237 members
* 32  lifetime meet-ups
* first meet-up on Sep 26, 2016 at the Stouffville GO Station

GTA PHP User Group:
* 2,126 members
* 89  lifetime meet-ups
* first meet-up on April 19, 2010

The longevity of our groups is impressive. Over the years, a lot of devs have joined our groups. On the other hand, given the low level of engagement our groups are experiencing, it looks like a lot of devs who have joined our groups over the years have become disinterested in our groups. Hence, this refresh exercise to clean up our membership lists.

Meetup.com tracks a member's most recent visit, and can delete members based on "most recent visit". I will "wash" our membership using "most recent visit" as a proxy for a developer's interest in our groups. 

Log into meetup.com and visit the home page of the groups you are interested in, so that your "most recent visit" is date stamped August 2021.

I will send out multiple messages over the next few weeks via meetup.com about refreshing our membership.

In early September, I will delete members where Last Visited Date < August 01, 2021.

This is purely a housekeeping exercise. There are no issues with anyone in the groups. No one is being banned. Yes, anyone who is deleted can sign up again.

Please log into meetup.com now while you are thinking of it!