Why I Archived My Podcasts On Apple

Why I Archived My Podcasts On Apple

by Bob Bloom

category: "podcast"

I just archived my shows from Apple Podcasts. 

The reason is that the same RSS feed file that works just fine for Spotify mysteriously causes a 404 on Apple systems. The same URL that was working in the Apple system stopped working in February 2024. 

Naturally, because my feed file's URL presents as a 404, they want me to figure out why my URL is failing. It is not. The URL passes on the various on-line validation sites. When I search for conflicts between Cloudways R2 and Apple Podcasts, I have found nothing. 

My podcasts are on Apple for the convenience of my listeners. 

I am not on Apple to make dollar one. I have no agreements with anyone that I must be on the Apple podcast directory. And I am not going to do so. 

I have other fish to fry. 

Spotify has been fucking amazing with my podcast listings. 

Personally, Spotify is my default podcast directory.