Perhaps A Mid-Summer's In-Person Meet-up

Perhaps A Mid-Summer's In-Person Meet-up

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Hello GTA-PHP-ers && York Region PHP-ers && Laravel Toronto Artisans!

There are now four videos of our recorded virtual meet-ups published:
* Sara Golemon parts one and two;
* Ben Ramsay parts one and two.

As well, I've listed Ben's links from his slide deck at

Now that gatherings are ok, to an extent, we should do an in-person meet-up.

Having a meet-up at an office is pretty much out-of-the-question right now. The limits for indoor gatherings are more stringent than with outdoor gatherings, which is why I propose meeting outdoors. Which is great just to catch up. And, to go through meet-up stuff.

Topics to go over, in no particular order:
* new website(s)
* add "PHP news" to the top of our meet-ups
* new co-organizers
* sponsors for meet-up venues, website, lists, subscription, give-a-ways
* Sep 2021 - June 2022 schedule for all three groups
* cleaning up the membership lists

I prefer somewhere in Richmond Hill area, naturally.

What are your thoughts?

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