Published Meet-up Videos For The First Time

Published Meet-up Videos For The First Time

by Bob Bloom

category: "meet-ups"

Our October 08, 2020 meet-up with Sara Golemon is now on video:
* Part One
* Part Two

I split this meet-up's recording into two 45 minute videos: each is about 4Gb, and needed about an hour to upload & go through YouTube's multiple processing cycles.

Earlier this month, Mina Abadir put on a superb presentation about's browser testing framework. Just as I had recorded Sara's Q&A with OBS Studio, so I did with Mina's presentation. This time, one of the three audio inputs failed. The video and my mic inputs were fine. The "desktop" audio input failed. The only voice you hear is mine. So, we cannot share Mina's voice with you.

The reason for the "desktop" audio not registering with OBS, most likely, is this audio channel was already reserved for an open Discord browser instance.

Mina is being incredibly gracious about this, offering to do a new screencast.

Unfortunately, Ben Ramsey was not able to attend. He was going to do a lightening talk after Mina's presentation. Instead, it looks like Ben will do a full presentation on June 08th. When this firms up, I will list it on

For those whose interest in our meet-up groups have waned, for whatever reason, it is ok to un-subscribe from the groups.

For those whose interest remains, see my February update, and consider:
* making a point to RSVP -- and attend -- our (very likely) Thursday, June 08th meet-up
* being one of 15 to help defray my "organizer" subscription
* letting me know your ideas for how we can stay in touch outside of meet-ups
* helping out with the meet-ups

A couple of you were asking about my podcasts. I have not listed them on Apple or Spotify yet. See my for my latest vids and podcasts. 

Email me at bob dot bloom at lasallesoftware dot ca. Or, click the "Contact Bob" link above.